Every gamer recognizes the importance of choosing a quality video card for their computer, and it’s hard to find a better card than the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 that will make 4K gaming more accessible in gamers’ homes – with improved performance at a lower price than we knew.

Before we touch on the technical details, let’s start with the bottom line: the RTX 3070 delivers great performance and smoothness at maximum settings alongside high frame rates (screen refresh rate), all without having to compromise on resolution, and works great with the most demanding titles like Witcher 3, Redemption, Batman Arkham Knight and more.

For the review we were given the opportunity to test the performance of the video card with the new game Outriders – for those unfamiliar, the player comes to a new (and not miraculous) world and has to deal with anomalies, monsters and human enemies who have lost their sanity. The gameplay is less relevant to this review – but the breathtaking views, invested characters and small details that can only be seen in 4K quality with high rendering capabilities of a quality video card.

To get to that level of detail you had to spend over a thousand dollars in the past – now the price is still high, but stands at only $ 499 – about half the previous amount. It should be noted that the excellent video card still can not provide the performance that its relatives, the RTX 3080 and RTX 3090, allow us at a much higher price. However, its capabilities compete with the RTX 2080 Ti when it comes to 4K, and it costs about half as much as the excellent video card.

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 (Photo: PR)
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The video card, like the entire RTX 30 series, is based on the NVIDIA Ampere architecture and is the largest intergenerational leap in the history of the GeForce series. It allows for a doubling of performance, and a 1.9.fold increase in energy efficiency over the previous generation of processors, which was based on Turing architecture.

The new graphics processors take advantage of the second generation of NVIDIA RTX technology – the most powerful gaming gaming platform in the world, to provide gamers with an unprecedented gaming experience with real.time light beam tracking and the use of artificial intelligence.

The NVIDIA Ampere architecture enables unprecedented performance with new RTM and second.generation RTM processors, which double the processing power over the previous generation – in addition to parallel tracking of light rays, shading and computing power with computing power of 58 RT.TFLOPS.

In addition, this platform includes faster loading and extraction of compressed assets up to 100 times together to traditional drives or storage interfaces; The world’s fastest graphics memory, GDDR6X – a joint product of Anvidia with Micron, which offers speeds close to 1TB per second of system memory for graphics card applications; And maximizes game and application performance.

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