Spotify allows you to merge music with your group of friends or with artists

Spotify has announced news in the blend tool with which users can combine their music with both groups of friends and artists to create a new personalized playlist.

The personalized ‘playlist’ that is created with Fusion was officially launched last August, and allows music to be combined between two users, thus generating a shared list with the favorite subjects of both.

This Wednesday, the ‘streaming’ platform has expanded the options of this tool, to allow the creation of a personalized list with a group of friends.

This list that is created with Fusion allows you to combine the music with up to ten friends or relatives, as indicated by the company in a statement. And it is shared with the whole group.

Another novelty is the possibility of creating this combined list with an artist, from the link available in your profile. This option will allow users to know “what their favorite artists listen to or what their creative influences are”, as the company points out.

Camilo, Charli XCX and BTS are some of the artists who have a link available to create a shared list, although from Spotify they have assured that there will be more over time, and have anticipated that Amaia She will become the first Spanish artist with whom fans will be able to fuse her music.

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