New lawsuit against Epic Games for Fortnite and one of its dances

A ‘youtuber’ and choreographer has become the latest content creator to sue Epic Games for one of the dances Fortnite the company’s most popular video game.

This has been the case of Kyle Hanagami, who claims to have patented one of the dance steps that appeared in Fortnite for the first time in August 2020 under the name ‘It’s complicated’ (‘it’s complicated’).

Hanagami claims to have created this movement in 2017 during the video clip of the song ‘How Long’, by Charlie Puth. To date, the video accumulates 35.8 million views on YouTube.

The lawsuit was filed this Tuesday in the federal court of the Central District of California (United States), alleging that Epic has used the dance step without Hanagami’s consent.

To defend their case, Hanagami’s lawyers have presented a video comparing one and another dance step. Additionally, the unofficial Fortnite wiki page associates the dance with the plaintiff’s choreography. To which is added that Hanagami has registered the rights of the dance.

Based on this evidence, Hanagami’s attorneys ask that Fortnite be banned from using the dance stepin addition to compensation for damages and bear the costs of the legal procedure.

From Polygon they remember that “the dance continues with steps that are not similar or have been developed by Hanagami”. Also, “the song that Hanagami choreographed her step over originally is not included.”


This isn’t the first time someone has sued Epic over a dance move. The actor Alfonso Ribeiro he already did it in 2018 alleging that his character’s dance was used without his consent Carlton Banks, de ‘The prince of Bel Air’.

Russell Horning, popularly known as ‘The Backpack Kid’, also followed suit, suing Epic for allegedly using the floss dance without his consent. Not possessing their rights, the case was dismissed.

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