A meter of Perseus meteors is expected to hover above our skies tonight (Monday to Tuesday) and this is the optimal time to watch the play. This is a meter that includes “fireballs” – particularly bright meteors, which cross the sky.

When should you watch? You can watch a meter, which at its peak pace, can reach more than 100 meteors per hour. The peak of the rain will be on the night of 12 to 13 August, with the peak expected to be seen between 22:00 and after midnight.

Where will we be observed? The best way to watch a meter is where the light pollution is minimal and there is no artificial lighting. It is recommended to stay away from the city and go out into the desert where the sky is open, the lights are few, the silence is great and you can watch.

What are the Perseid meteors? The origin of the Perseids is in the remnants of dust left behind by a comet orbiting the sun.

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