A senior figure in the high.tech world reveals the Israeli weakness

Palo Alto founder Nir Tzuk spoke today (Thursday) with the editor of the Jerusalem Post, Yaakov Katz, at the newspaper’s London conference in collaboration with UK Israel Business, which is being held at the Tottenham Football Club in London.

“Cyber ​​security has evolved in a very fragmented way,” Tzuk explained in his opening remarks, referring to the company he founded. “Every time there was a new threat, there was a new group of people trying to deal with it. Everyone thought that was the way it should be. You need hundreds of different solutions, and we said, ‘No, there’s a way to do it with a platform.’

What do you think is expected next?
“It’s a game of cat and mouse, good versus bad. It’s increasingly lucrative to be a cyber criminal. Most of the activity comes from countries where there is no downside to being a cyber criminal.”

Do you feel that Israel and other Western countries are ready for future cyber attacks?
“No. Cyber ​​security was once seen as a nuisance, the price of doing business. I think cyber spending is rising and awareness is rising, there are laws in countries, especially in the EU and the US, that force companies to spend money.”

Is there anything in the war between Ukraine and Russia that surprised you?
“No, I was not surprised that cyber was part of the war.”

Tzuk added that he “thinks that in Israel in particular the percentage of spending on cyber security is still very low compared to other countries. The infrastructure is critical, Israel is stuck with 20-year-old cyber security technology because of a struggle between the union and the management.”

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