Google Search will introduce a label in its Featured News to locate the original source

El Google Search will tag “highly cited” sources within your carousel of Outstanding news O ‘Top Stories’in addition to including other new features to improve the user experience when it comes to finding and contrasting information.

The search engine aims to make it easier for its users by visually highlighting sources “that have been frequently cited by other news organizations, giving you a simple way to find the most useful or relevant information”, as Google explains in its statement.

The company hopes that this new feature will help users to locate the original report, especially if this is local. The tags can be found “everywhere from a research article to an interview, an advertisement, a press release or a local story.”

Google has anticipated that this labeling will arrive “soon” in English in the United States and will be rolled out globally “in the coming weeks.” Also in this country and in English, tips have been implemented this Thursday to help users “evaluate ‘online’ information”, within the notification related to “Rapidly Evolving Topics“.


Google will also incorporate other new features beyond the labeling of “highly cited” sources. Next to it, the Finder will allow the user check the reliability of a source or website offering him a profile with everything related to it in the ‘About this result’ section.

To access this function, it is indicated that the user must click on the three points in a vertical position that must appear next to any search result. Once there, click on ‘More about this page’. Next, a self-description of the website will appear on the one hand, and what others say about it on the other, as well as “additional context”, such as its most outstanding news, “to check what a wide range of sources have to say.”

The company has indicated that these new tools will be available “soon” for global searches in English.

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