Haim Amir: “Israeli innovation is driven by a necessary need”

In his speech at the Jerusalem Post conference in London he said Dr. Haim Amir, CEO and founder of ESSENCE Group, an international technology company that develops cloud-based security and health solutions, says that Israeli creativity and high-tech success are the result of the unstable Mediterranean environment: “” When you are in the minority, the only way to survive is always to think one step ahead Dr. Amir. “It is obligatory and necessary to take a step ahead of everyone. In order to reach fulfillment, we always had to innovate. ”

Dr. Amir, a native of Morocco who immigrated to Israel as a child with his family, noted that the need to be creative and groundbreaking is a necessary skill for the survival of countries, societies and individuals.

Recalling the transit camp for immigrants where he spent his childhood as a new immigrant, he said: “We all had to reinvent ourselves in order to survive.” Dr. Amir chose to study technology and excelled in his naval career, where he developed strategic combat systems, including satellite-based missile defense systems.

Dr. Amir took advantage of the knowledge and experience he gained, and founded the ESSENCE Group 27 years ago. Today, the company’s technological solutions are deployed in more than 4 million homes, in 46 countries around the world. The company uses sensor protection systems and cloud-based artificial intelligence. In order to provide monitoring systems.

“One of the most notable examples of ESSENCE originality,” Dr. Amir noted, “is the solution it has created to prevent system intrusion. “The highlight of the system’s capabilities is based on an infrared motion detection detector and a high-definition camera that detects the intruder, two-way voice communication and a smoke generator that fills a room within 15 seconds with foggy but harmless smoke, to force intruders to leave.”

Dr. Amir emphasized two other platforms of the company: TELEHEALTH and TELECARE, which offer a broad medical monitoring experience that allows independence for the elderly and peace of mind for their families. “My ultimate goal,” said Dr. Amir, “is to make personal security and medical care accessible. And available to everyone: children, families, individuals and the elderly. “Innovation for me is not just an invention of a new product or service,” he stressed. “Innovation means creating a new concept.”

In this spirit, Dr. Amir informed the conference participants about the success of the ESSENCE program to reduce hospitalization rates with the help of remote monitoring systems that allow remote medical supervision for chronically ill or elderly patients in their homes. Dr. Amir proudly concluded that all ESSENCE products are manufactured in Israel by A team of about 1000 employed people, of whom 150 have special needs, in the city of Ofakim in the south of the country.

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