The Beko appliance brand has launched a new series of refrigerators – HarvestFresh, which offers innovative lighting technology that helps maintain the content of vitamins in fruits and vegetables and freshness over time. The company said: “HarvestFresh technology was developed inspired by nature and its effect on fruits and vegetables, so that consumers can enjoy a healthier diet and lifestyle. The technology helps extend the freshness of fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator, and maintains their nutritional value and rich vitamin content for longer periods.”

The technology, developed specifically for Beko refrigerators, uses three.color lighting (green, blue and red), which simulates a 24.hour cycle. The lighting produces an artificial process of photosynthesis through an image of the light cycle in nature that also includes times of darkness, in order to allow a living and natural environment for fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator, even long after harvest.

The blue light simulates sunrise and illuminates the fruits and vegetables during the first four hours of the day, the green light marks the noon hours characterized by the strongest sunlight, this phase lasts for two hours, and the red light mimics the sunset for six hours. For 12 hours a night there is no lighting at all.

“This technology, which maintains the freshness, freshness and vitamins of vegetables and fruits just like in nature, even a few days after purchase, encourages consumers to ultimately maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle.” Explains Bolent.San, CEO of Beko Israel. HarvestFresh technology will be available exclusively at Brimag, the official importer of the brand in Israel, in selected Beko refrigerator models in Israel: upper freezer refrigerator, lower freezer refrigerator, and during the last quarter of 2021 – also in refrigerator four Doors.

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