To keep children and youth on the social network: Company Ticket Announced today (Thursday) that it has decided to take a number of safety and privacy measures to help parents and children have better control over the content to which they are exposed, as well as people who can contact them via private message and when they will receive push notifications from the app.

“Our main goal at Tiktok has always been to cultivate a safe and pleasant platform for our diverse community,” the social network said. “Beyond our safety and privacy settings, which allow people to make decisions about who they share their content with, we also believe it is important to provide proactive protection to help maintain the safety of teens on the platform.”

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Among the steps that Tiktok took as part of the fight against user vulnerability is to make accounts under the age of 16 private by default as early as the beginning of the year. Also, direct messages were restricted to the accounts of users aged 16 and under, and the possibility of “family coupling”, which should give parents wider control.

Tiktok has announced the establishment of a safety center in Hebrew, which will instruct parents to use the tools it has presented in the past to reduce the phenomenon of cyberbullying. Moreover, the update to accounts for ages 17-13 will include transferring the status of sending the private messages to “none” by default. That is, in order to send messages to others they will have to actively switch to another sharing option. Existing accounts will receive a message asking them to check and confirm their privacy settings the next time they use a feature. These updates are added to existing protections on messages such as disabling sending pictures or videos and disabling notifications for accounts under the age of 16.

Conscious access to alerts

“One of our goals is to help young people on the platform develop positive digital habits at an early stage, so we regularly consult with pediatricians and youth welfare experts to develop our youth portal, bullying prevention guide and other features that support youth well-being,” Matiktok said. . As part of updating the settings of the social network, accounts aged 13-15 will not receive push notifications from 21:00 onwards, and accounts aged 16-17 will have push notifications started from 22:00.

Cyberbullying (Photo: Ingeimage)Cyberbullying (Photo: Ingeimage)

Choose who can watch and download videos

Also, to help teens understand the sharing options they face, Tiktok has added a message to accounts under 16 that will pop up on the screen just before the release of their first video, asking them to choose who can watch it so they can not post the video until they choose.

From now on, creators will be able to decide before posting any of their video who can watch it. Accounts ages 13-15 are set as private by default so their option is to choose to bio-share their content with their followers or friends (the ‘everyone’ setting is off). Stitch and Duet are disabled in accounts under the age of 16. Alongside these, 16-17 year olds will receive a pop-up message asking them to confirm the choice to allow downloads of their videos. For accounts under 16 downloads are disabled.

“We are constantly evolving”

Assaf Sagi, CEO of Tiktok Israel, responded to the publication: “The new updates reflect our ongoing commitment to protecting the safety and privacy of our youth on the platform. For us, there is no finish line when it comes to protecting our community. We work together with teenagers, organizations, parents and creators to constantly evolve. “

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