A programming school arrives in Argentina that is only paid when you get a job in dollars

Programming is recognized as one of the most labor-intensive professions of the future in the world and could break the gap in Latin America. A new school proposes do not charge students for their training. It’s not free: students will pay tuition when they get a job in dollars.

This is Microverse, an international school founded by Ariel Camus from Mendoza and created in Silicon Valley, makes its landing in the region official to help correct the gap and connect Latino talent with the best opportunities.

The Microverse educational system is based on an innovative financing model called Income Share Agreement (ISA)which is the axis of its success and its main vehicle of trust, because the company does not charge if its students fail to enter the international market, earning a good salary in dollars.

Students do not pay anything in advance. Only when they secure a job in technology that exceed one thousand dollars per month.

Work meetings are remote.

At that time, they begin to pay 15% of their salary as tuition until they cover the total cost of 15 thousand dollars What does your training cost? If they stop working in technology or have a salary of less than a thousand dollars, the payments are suspended.

“Those who graduate from Microverse will only be paying for their training while they are extracting a direct benefit from their process with us. Our students are free to decide regarding their career and that is contemplated in the repayment scheme”, added Camus.

This type of study is based on a training program where students learn through joint work with people from other countries, in a professional environment that emulates that of a technology company.

In Microverse there are no classes or teachers. It is learned through peer project development simulating real-world remote work dynamics.

Every week is a new project with a new team of 3-4 people from different countries. The program is focused on building collaborative training experiences to develop the skills needed to access those jobs.

The Microverse model

Good prospects Good prospects

It is an immersive experience that requires full-time dedication, but that provides a wide range of technical and professional resources.

“In 7 months a student is part of 30 teams with more than 100 people from different countries, goes through all kinds of challenges, both technical and interpersonal, and is trained in the latest technologies and professional practices in the industry”.

Upon completion of the 7-month technical program, students connect with a mentor who assists them in their job search process.

According to the signature, 60% of students secure a job before completing the first month of job search. 85% achieve it in less than 3 months.

Camus devised the program oriented to a very specific objective: train global developers of a distinctive professional level, prepared for remote international work in a highly competitive sector.

The countries of Latin America (and in particular Argentina) are very well positioned to take advantage of this change, given that they share a time zone with the United States (a key difference with respect to other developing regions), have good infrastructure and a cultural affinity with the western way of working.

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