Russia is developing a new set of satellites

Working Russia on developing a new set of Satellites Dedicated to remote sensing of the Earth.

“Ros Cosmos is working with the Russian company (VIS) on the project to develop a constellation of 14 Earth remote sensing satellites, these satellites are supposed to be launched into space between 2025 and 2028,” said Nikolai Sevastyanov, advisor to the President of Roscosmos. “.

He added, “The project is being implemented in partnership between the public and private sectors in Russia. We have developed a system of work on the project and work is being done to discuss steps to work on it.”

Sevastyanov indicated that “the plans for the project require launching 4 satellites into Earth orbits in 2025, 4 other satellites in 2026, 3 satellites in 2027, and the remaining three will be launched in 2028.”

Roscosmos had previously indicated that it was also developing a system of communications satellites that will include 7 Express-class satellites, 4 new Express-RV satellites, 12 Skif satellites dedicated to securing broadband Internet networks, and 264 Marathon satellites. Dedicated to the Internet of Things, in addition to 2 Yamal communication satellites, 3 Smotr Earth remote sensing satellites, 84 Berkut-O and Berkut-VD satellites, and 12 Berkut-X and Berkut-XLP satellites.

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