The beta version of Back 4 Blood, the online shooting game from the creators of the Left 4 Dead series, which is open to the public these days, provides a glimpse of what awaits us from the finished title of The Zombie Apocalypse and definitely gives a sense that there is much to look forward to.

There were a lot of expectations from Turtle Rock Studios, the developers of Back 4 Blood, due to the great popularity of the previous Cops series, and even though it’s not the final version and there are some minor issues, it still stood and maybe even exceeded expectations with amazing graphics illustrating the end of the world Try to get, fun monsters to fight against, varied game options and a new upgrade method in the form of cards that gives special abilities to your character.

In general the game places you and a group of random friends or players in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, you are called the cleaners, and when your job is to clear the unclean from the ruined streets of a sword world. It is possible to play campaigns on different maps, sites that look great visually like ruined cities, ports and dark hills. As the last of the survivors you will face a variety of monsters, from the usual zombies that rush to eat your head, literally, to monsters that throw acid or giants that can crush you with one hand. One of the great advantages of the game is that each stage starts differently, randomly, so you will not always meet the same monsters, you will not always get the same weapons, each experience will be different and the mod’s replay possibilities are endless.

As we mentioned there is a new method of upgrading the character in the form of cards (familiar to those who played the multiplayer version of Star Wars). As you progress in the game and collect experience points you can purchase different cards that can be played for your character, which will give you special powers. This can be reflected in higher health, the possibility of getting health that helps a friend, the possibility of carrying more ammunition and many others. It provides two senses, one that makes each character special and different, depending on the choices of the players, and of course forces on it something that is a must in any apocalypse. Here too the creator of the game made a twist that adds a lot of interest, there are also negative cards that you will sometimes have to choose at the end of it, and these cards will make your next stage more challenging, so for example in one stage you will have to choose between fog covering the battlefield or particularly powerful monsters.

Another thing that the new title recreates and even enhances from the Left 4 Dead series is the various options to play with and against friends, with an emphasis on the cleaners against monsters. Unlike the main campaign, where you play with friends against the computer (the monsters), in this mode the players are divided into two groups, the survivors and the monsters, who meet on a small map with some hiding areas and tall buildings. The beauty of this mode, especially when playing with the monsters, is that you do not have to directly attack the player to score or win. You choose the type of monsters, even those with remote attack abilities, which can collect points, produce more zombies and make the lives of the cleaners bitter. The survival team on the other hand needs to plan traps, get organized for the invasion and most importantly survive until time runs out. Definitely a fun and exciting game mod.

Another significant improvement from the previous series are the weapons, much more realistic, with a large selection, the ability to find a decent amount of loot during the game and upgrade the capabilities of existing weapons. This method makes collecting loot from the battlefield relevant and gives a sense of progress in the game. It should be noted that there were some small bugs, in the sound and a few effects that were not synchronized, but as mentioned, this is a beta version and it can be assumed that most of them will at least be fixed by launch. Early access to the beta version of Back 4 Blood was obtained by Adli United, the official importer of the game in Israel.

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