NVIDIA launches Cloud platform to simulate the climate with unprecedented precision

To accelerate efforts to combat $140 billion in economic losses due to extreme weather caused by climate change, NVIDIA has announced its Earth-2 climate digital twin cloud platform to simulate and visualize weather and climate at an unprecedented scale.

Part of NVIDIA CUDA-X™ Microservices, new Earth-2 cloud APIs on NVIDIA DGX Cloud™ enable virtually any user to build AI-powered emulations to accelerate high-resolution interactive simulations ranging from global atmosphere and local cloud cover to typhoons and turbulence.

Climate catastrophes are now the norm – historic droughts, catastrophic hurricanes and generational floods appear in the news with alarming frequency,
” said Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA. “
Earth-2’s cloud APIs strive to help us better prepare for – and inspire us to take action to moderate – extreme weather.

The Earth-2 APIs offer AI models and employ a new generative AI model from NVIDIA called CorrDiff, which uses cutting-edge diffusion modeling, generating images with 12.5 times higher resolution than current numerical models 1000 times faster and 3000 times more energy efficiently. Corrects low-resolution forecast inaccuracies and summarizes critical metrics for decision making. CorrDiff is a first-of-its-kind generative AI model to provide super-resolution, synthesize new metrics of interest to stakeholders, and learn small-scale local weather physics from high-resolution datasets.

The Central Meteorological Administration of Taiwan plans to use these diffusion models to more accurately predict typhoon impact locations. When a typhoon warning is issued, the priority is to minimize casualties through early evacuations based on quality information generated by relevant agencies, including the Taiwan National Science and Technology Center for Disaster Reduction (NCDR). Over the past decade, the number of deaths due to typhoons has decreased.

Taiwan is a critical component of the global supply chain, and flood risk analysis and evacuation preparedness are central to our mandate,” said Chia-Ping Cheng, administrator of the CWA. With over 136 typhoons having hit the island since 2000, using Earth-2 to mitigate these impacts is critical to improving the quality and resolution of disaster computingthe NCDR said.

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