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The automatic analysis of the soundscape correctly determined which birds are present in the different development stages of the forest.

When if you want to know if the rainforest is doing well or badly, it’s enough to let the artificial intelligence listen.

The automatic analysis of the soundscape reliably measured how the Ecuadorian tropical forests were naturally regenerating after the cessation of agricultural use of the lands.

All that was needed was an artificial intelligence that had learned to recognize the sounds of the local bird species. Although it could only classify about a quarter of the species identified by the bird experts, it correctly determined the developmental stages of the species composition.

They started from pasture land or cocoa plantations and continued to forests of different ages that grew in their place, up to old primeval forests.

The artificial intelligence’s assessment corresponded to what the experts arrived at by listening to the sounds of birds, amphibians and mammals. The same result was also obtained by analyzing the nocturnal insect species.

With listening artificial intelligence, it would be worthwhile to monitor the regeneration of tropical forests all over the world, German, Ecuadorian and American researchers recommend Nature Communications -in leaf.

It would be a cheap way to ensure that not only carbon sinks but also oases of biodiversity are created.

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