The Israeli society that promotes settlement in space with the help of medicine for Corona

Extraterrestrial living conditions mean that a person’s length of stay on the moon can not be longer than half a year, this is because he loses a lot of muscle mass and bone, and undergoes an accelerated aging process. Amorphical, which developed, among other things, the Israeli medicine for Corona, is currently working on experiments that are expected to provide a solution to the problem, and enable future life on the moon, on Mars and who knows where humanity will take place in the future.

Israeli astronaut Eitan Stiva, who will take off into space this coming Friday, is expected to perform two amorphous experiments, based on the active ingredients in the drug she developed, in order to show that these ingredients can prevent accelerated aging.

The company’s CEO, Yossi Ben, said in a special interview about the development: “It all started with a discovery by a team of researchers in Israel and around the world, who researched a natural discovery of blue crabs that build armor in a very fast time. Since then, hundreds of studies have been conducted on the same active ingredient in a wide range of subjects. ” “By raising the acidic environment (pH) in the intercellular fluid,” he explained.

So, how does it work?
“The drug is based on nano-amorphous minerals in combination with carbonate, so when broken down it regulates the acidic environment in the intercellular fluid in the body, thus blocking the virus’ reproductive activity and preventing it from entering cells. The drug we developed for corona “We performed clinical trials and saw that there was a very high success rate for the drug in Corona, and we thought that the active ingredient could help in something else.”

The CEO further noted that “due to cosmic radiation and lack of gravity, astronauts staying in space are experiencing a process that causes a rapid and massive breakdown of all body systems: muscles, bones, nervous system, visual system, heart and more. The main reason for this is the lack of absorption and availability of minerals in the body, combined with an accelerated inflammatory process in the body’s cells in space – 10 times more than on Earth. “Ben explained that “The corona we developed (ACC), with modifications and adjustments to the various cells in the body, can provide high-availability minerals that help build muscle and bone, as well as bicarbonate that contradicts and regulates inflammatory processes, stopping the damage caused to astronauts by extensive inflammation.”

So basically you could say that the corona helped promote settlement in space.
“Absolutely. If before the corona everything was just in theory – we came to know that science has validated the benefits of the active ingredient we have developed and we have the ability to help a large number of inflammatory processes that result from various diseases in the human body.” The experiment will return with good results. ”

He concluded: “Our main goal at the moment is to save lives by developing the drug for Corona, and to advance the science and uses of ACC. “In addition to our goals in approving the drug for Corona and enabling settlement in space for long periods of humans and animals, we are trying to adapt the active ingredient so that we can provide helpful treatment for a wide range of chronic infections in the body.”

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