IBM introduces z16, a quantum security and AI system that analyzes fraud during large.scale transactions

IBM presented this Tuesday z16a new generation system with which banks can analyze fraud during large-scale transactions using artificial intelligence (AI) inference and relying on quantum security.

Z16 is powered by the IBM Telum processor, which has an on-chip AI accelerator, allowing it to “process 300 billion inference operations per day with only one millisecond of latency“, the company said in a statement.

This translates into the ability to process transactions on a large scale and in real time which in the context of banking can help “identify fraud at the time of a transaction,” saving consumers from hanging on to confirmation emails or texts.

It would also contribute to face new threats faced by both companies and governments, as is the case of the fiscal fraud and the organized robbery in retail, as detailed from the company.

IBM z16 generates new use cases, at a time when “real-time payments and alternative payment methods, such as cryptocurrencies, are putting pressure on traditional fraud detection techniques.”

In terms of protection, the new generation system is based on technologies such as Pervasive Encryption and Confidential Computing and is backed by the lattice-based cryptography according to the company, “an approach to building previous layers of security that help protect data and systems against current and future threats.”

Also offers a safe boot and quantum cryptography with a Crypto Express 8S hardware security module (CEX8S). Both technologies “can help customers address future threats related to quantum computing, including data theft occurring now that may lead to subsequent attacks by decrypting and using data for extortion, intellectual property loss, and data disclosure.” of other confidential data”, point out from IBM.

The company has reported that IBM z16 will be available on May 31, 2022.

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