“Opportunity to create an echo”: excitement towards the departure of the Israeli astronaut

The Israeli astronaut Ethan Steve Will be launched (hopefully) this coming Friday into outer space. Dr. Shir Steva, his daughter, told at a special press conference about her feelings ahead of the event: “Apart from the opportunity to take part in something big in life, I also have a chance to work with my dad, and accompany him on such a big entrepreneurial project. “Just like medical school, the whole subject of space and the mission attracted me a lot, it’s actually an opportunity to create a certain echo, which will have meaning for other people.”

“The mission allowed me to return to a primordial and very innocent place,” she added, “I thought about it today and really tried to connect to those words. I have three small children and one of them is now in the ‘why’ stage, trying to understand everything. “Brings humanity to the primary and curious place, along with the optimism that curiosity will allow us to discover new things and open more doors. I do not come from the realm of space at all.”

Steve was supposed to serve as her father’s backup astronaut, which raised the need to perform a lot of training. “It’s an experience of a lifetime and it goes far beyond the general excitement. Now the launch is approaching, and after all the preoccupation with the various technical details, along with the training I also went through, the very fact that I came here physically to say goodbye to my father before going into solitary confinement. And the size of the class, “she noted,” dozens if not hundreds of people are taking part in this project, just insane. ”

The many delays in the launch date have meant that the Israeli astronaut is expected to celebrate Seder night in space. “To me, this is the most beautiful holiday in the world, and it’s amazing that there is a possibility to mark it, and in fact share it all over the world,” said Steva, sharing the many logistical difficulties involved: “Practically, this is not an easy thing. To NASA that we want to make a change in content just before launch … we are trying to make some change in plans and address this. However, he will not be taken with him to the West Bank space, as the objects have long been in the spacecraft. Maybe we’ll send him the texts by e-mail. ”

Do you feel disappointed that you, as the backup astronaut, do not take off in the end?
“No, but on the contrary – I was trained for many months, and it was a privilege for me to do so, and to follow the process from the inside, to know the conflicts and to initiate the next steps. I also knew all the people involved. Besides, this period was a break for me. “From the intensity of the work at the hospital. I would like to fly into space at some point, but now is not my time yet.”

Steve further explained that “if there is a situation where one of the crew members is not fit to fly, then the whole mission is postponed a bit, because it is necessary to adjust the personal equipment to a person – and also perform additional training in the new crew.” She shared her feelings, noting that she sometimes cares about her father. “That’s not what leads me, today I’m more excited for him – and with him.”

No longer anonymous

As mentioned, Eitan Steve was for many years “under the Israeli radar” in a sense, and became a very famous person after the announcement at the President’s House. “Dad’s decision to do so was preceded by a conversation with the whole family, in order to make sure we’re all ready for these consequences. In any case, the emphasis is on doing around the task,” she added. Such a task, and I think it would be cool to fly myself. ”

What was the most challenging step in training, and what did you enjoy the most?
“There is a long list of fun things, starting from the physical aspect – it was an amazing experience as a roller coaster enthusiast to go through centrifugal training. I am not a pilot, so I approached this experience with great apprehension. – But in the end I enjoyed it very much. It was a very special experience. But if I look at the overall picture of what will stay with me – then this is without a doubt the process I went through with my father Eitan. In terms of the challenging aspect, I think it was all about “When all the studies are conducted in English. Although most medical studies are conducted in English, I still went through a process here of feeling comfortable speaking and being conducted in the language in general.”

Christian Mender, director of space research and production at Axiom Spice, said of the training he went through: “He worked non-stop, was very enthusiastic and kept bringing up other things. I got to the point where during training I asked him if he even wanted to sleep while on the International Space Station. “Amazing – Eitan represents to me this task and its character, and I’m glad he’s participating in it.” He later revealed that the cost of the trip for each of the participants is approximately $ 60-55 million per person.

Eitan Steve in the space suit (Photo: Axiom Space & SpaceX)

What is the difference between the training he underwent and those of the NASA astronauts?
“The difference here is in Eitan’s level of preparation. He was also much more involved in all of these processes and came up with many ideas along the way. In addition, he underwent intensive and more difficult training – of his choice.”

Mender was asked about the tensions with Russia and whether this would in any way affect Steve’s mission, and replied: “All experiments in the mission will be carried out in the American part of the station, and cooperation with the Russians will be like any normal day, and if necessary – they will help. “Certain with them, but I suppose there will be mutual curiosity and also cooperation between the parties.”

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