Will save a lot of people: Twitter’s most important update to date

The end of vanity? The social network Twitter It is a fertile ground for sweeping arguments, poignant political statements, uncompromising internet humor and often also for embarrassing utterances and unintentional outbursts towards people who fall on their tongues, even in the slightest comma.

To this end, over the years, users of the social network have asked its developers to add a small feature that can reduce the large amounts of damage done to people, sometimes just seconds after they accidentally released a bad tweet – an “edit” button. However, Twitter has chosen to stay on the fence, and let people quarrel with each other for more than a decade.

As is well known, in all social networks, the editing policy was introduced from the beginning, such as Facebook and Instagram. Only on Twitter no, and the tweeters had to delete tweets that did not match what they wanted to write first, and post them again (if at all).

Twitter (Photo: Reuters)

These days, according to Twitter, work is underway to introduce the edit button for tweets, and it is expected to come into use in the coming months, which is expected to greatly alleviate network hatred, and minimize large amounts of Internet venom.

However, Twitter is trying to solve a problem that the edit button is likely to provoke, in case they misuse it. Twitter’s VP of Consumer Affairs, Jay Sullivan, tweeted, explaining: “Without restrictions like demarcation of time and transparency about what is being done, editing tools can be misused to change public discourse. “Maintaining the integrity of public discourse is a top priority for us when we approach working on this tool.”

In doing so, Twitter implies that it will not allow anyone to edit their wrong tweet without showing everyone how it edited it and when, thus maintaining transparency, especially if it is politicians who choose to tweet something, and once the public does not like what they hear, will result in generous editing Popular opinion.

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