Amazon considers monitoring the use of keyboard and mouse of its Customer Service to prevent data theft

Amazon has identified a problem in your Customer Service why both some workers and cybercriminals access and steal personal data of users, which has led the company to consider the use of ‘software’ that monitors the use of the keyboard and mouse by employees to avoid impersonation.

The technology company has considered the implementation of a program that record and monitor keystrokes and mouse movements of Customer Service workers, as contained in an internal document that Motherboard has had access to.

This document includes the possible use of a ‘software’ to detect employee impersonations and unauthorized access to user data, either because the employee sells his credentials to a ‘hacker’ or because he has left the session open on his computer or has not blocked it in a teleworking context.

The ‘software’ in question would generate a worker profile based on your typing and moving and clicking the mouse, rather than recording what employees type. The profile would be used to compare and identify strange activities on a certain account.

The aforementioned media indicates that the company considered resorting to a ‘software’ from BehavioSec. As can be read on its website, it uses behavioral biometrics “to authenticate people according to the way they interact digitally with their devices and applications, such as mouse movements, typing rhythm, touch and swipe gestures. , or how they hold their device. ”

They also ensure that “although behavioral biometric profiles are unique for each end user, behavioral biometric profiles cannot be used to identify sensitive information about a person such as age, race, gender, or other personally identifiable information. ”

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