OpenAI presents DALL – E 2, its new AI that turns words into realistic images

OpenAI Artificial Intelligence research company (HE) non-profit co-founded, among others, by Elon Musk has presented DALL-E 2his new system capable of converting words into realistic images.

DALL-E 2 can create images “original and realistic” in addition to art based on a text description, as reported by OpenAI on its website. The company claims that this AI allows the combination of “concepts, attributes and styles”.

Based on text description, DALL-E 2 is capable of converting words or descriptions such as “an astronaut resting in a tropical resort in space” or “a bowl of soup drawn on a cave wall” into images.

In addition, this AI is also capable of editing photos based on a written request. This function includes the possibility of remove elements such as shadows, reflections and textures.

Another function of the DALL-E 2 is to create “various variations” of an image by drawing inspiration from the original, such as iconic works of pictorial art.

The AI ​​has learned “the relationship between the images and the text used to describe them” thanks to a process called ‘diffusion’ which starts from a pattern of random dots and gradually alters it into an image when it recognizes certain specific aspects.

DALL-E 2 comes a year after the release of DALL-E, which arrived in January 2021. This new system is capable of “generating more realistic and precise images with four times the resolution.”

When comparing one and the other, OpenAI testers preferred DALL-E 2 for its greater precision with respect to the base text (71.7%) and its photorealism (88.8%) based on comparing a thousand images generated by each of the systems.

OpenAI refers to DALL-E 2 as a research project that is currently not available in its application programming interface (API). In addition, he claims to be studying its “capabilities and limitations with a select group of users.” In this sense, it offers the possibility of joining the waiting list to try it out.

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