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The video calling app Google Meet has extended to 25 the maximum number of participants in a meeting that organizers can choose to act as moderators., and has also announced other security features to limit actions such as typing in chats and screen sharing.

The moderators or ‘co.hosts’ They are a figure that the organizer can choose from among the participants in a video call, sharing their administrator privileges.

Google Meet users with access to Workspace’s professional or educational plans will be able to choose to up to 25 participants as ‘co.hosts’, as Google has informed through a statement.

Additionally, these Google Meet admin privileges have been extended and hosts and their moderators can now limit who can share the screen, send chat messages, mute all participants, end the meeting or choose who can join

The video calling platform has also expanded the quick access controls that it offers to most users of Google Wokspace plans, for whom this function is now activated by default.

With quick access enabled, invited participants can join a self.signed video call. In these meetings, the host must join first, and anonymous participants are not allowed.

Among the rest of the news that come to Google Meet, the application has also updated the ‘People’ panel to make it easier to find other participants during the course of a video call, such as to mute them or make them moderators.

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