Magnetic slime robot could help with stomach upsets – and could connect electrical wires in tight spots – Science

The magnetic mucus changes shape as needed. Ingestible quince could be used to isolate harmful substances in the body.

Magnetic and a slimy lump in your stomach. Would you swallow?

Maybe if it could be used to block the stomach and direct substances dangerous to the body.

The magnetic “slime robot” changes shape as needed. It can get through narrow places, for example. It can be used to encircle small objects in the body.

Thus prove in his research a slimy quadrant developed by a Chinese professor researcher Li Zhang From the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

He mixed with his group a rare earth metal i.e. neodyymin mixtures boraxwhich has been used in homes for, among other things, mold control, cleaning and insect control.

The polymer also contains a polymer which is polyvinyylialkoholia.

Result is a suspicious-looking magnetic quad. Its viscosity or toughness varies according to the force applied to it.

It can be ingested almost solid or liquid.

The quadriceps can be controlled from outside the body because the neodymium contained in the substance and the external magnet attract each other.

This causes the magnetic block to move and rotate. It can be shaped into the shape of the letters O and C, for example, when an external magnet is applied to it in a certain way.

” The ultimate goal is to deploy it as a robot. ‘

Monjän could, for example, prevent toxic substances from escaping into the environment. It might be able to encapsulate toxins, Zhang ponders.

It navigates in narrow spaces and captures targets in a guided manner. It also conducts electricity well. Mucus can wrap around objects to connect wires and circuits in tight and tight spaces.

Zhang believes that the lump magnet could provide help with various digestive ailments. It could also help if a child has accidentally swallowed a small battery. It can be pulled out of the abdomen with a strong magnet.

Minium is like a controllable robot, says Chinese nanoscale device developer and researcher Zhang.

Zhang says the mucus has “viscoelastic properties.” It means that “sometimes it behaves like a solid, sometimes like a liquid.”

The darker magnetic quadruple has been compared to the film’s flubber. It starred in the film Flubber – the world’s most amazing quad. It’s a comedy and science fiction film where Flubber was a greenish lump that changed shape.

Flexible of course, robots have been made before. But nothing had been done where the robot would change shape and at the same time be able to be controlled remotely.

” The ultimate goal is to deploy it as a robot, ‘Zhang says New Scientistissa. He adds that the mucus needs more autonomy.

The group has no plans yet to test it medically.

“This is still basic research. We’re still trying to understand the properties of the material,” Zhang says according to the newspaper Guardian.

“When you touch it very quickly, it behaves like a solid. When you touch it gently and slowly, it behaves like a liquid, ”Zhang says.

The magnetic particles in the quadrangle itself can be a danger. Therefore, the researchers produced many more protective layers made of silica.

Zhang described the making of the blob in a peer review In Advanced Functional Materials. The study described the substance as a “magnetic slime robot”.

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