Don’t worry: Akirov insists on Vogel and Granot being added to the board

Alfred Akirov is not giving up, and even before the Supervisor of Insurance in the Treasury makes a judgment on his application for a license to take control of Clal Insurance, he wants to appoint David Granot and Aaron Fogel to the board of directors. Akirov demands that a special general meeting of Clal Holdings shareholders be called to ratify their merger in a letter delivered through Alrov Real Estate and Hotels. Akirov owns 15% of Clal Holdings and is attempting to protect his interests by exercising his right to do so.

The two’s professional skill is undeniable. Granot has held executive positions at Discount Bank, International Bank, and Union Bank, as well as serving on the boards of directors of major corporations such as Bezeq and Alrov. The skills of the candidates, as well as any potential conflicts of interest, are detailed in Akirov’s report.

In addition to an inspection undertaken by the Ministry of Finance at Akirov’s request to purchase Clal Insurance, the obligation to designate members of the board of directors exists. The legal framework of the transaction and the capital needs are among the items examined. Clal Insurance Holdings’ chairman of the board of directors, Haim Samet, is not interested in replacing him at this time, according to Akirov. Yoram Naveh, the company’s CEO, reported record profits of NIS 1.4 billion in 2021.

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