The Israeli company Arti has developed the first augmented reality (AR) platform. It is a cloud.based platform, and is designed for broadcasters and video producers, in collaboration with Oracle Cloud, to enhance the user experience of its customers and their viewers. Arti, is a kind of AR studio “in your pocket” – a cloud.based AR platform, without hardware.

In fact, unlike traditional AR solutions, which require the use of expensive hardware on the production site, and are designed for use by dedicated teams in the studio, Arti’s platform can be used anywhere. In fact, it allows broadcasters and video producers to create augmented reality videos and embed two.dimensional and 3D objects, Twitter updates, web browsers and more, from anywhere. All you need is a camera, a laptop and an internet connection.

Arti has chosen Oracle’s cloud infrastructure to host its 3D graphics servers, which run Epic Games’ Unreal Engine tools and use NVIDIA processors. As mentioned, rendering graphics in the cloud eliminates the need for customers to purchase and maintain expensive servers and saves them from worrying about things like updates and reliability. Arti’s augmented reality platform provides more realistic, real.time interactions between the live presenter and AR presentations. It also delivers faster performance for streaming streaming in AR, from anywhere.

“Oracle’s cloud provides unique accelerated GPU capabilities, critical to creating rich AR experiences,” says Yaron Zakai.Or, CEO and co.founder of Arti. “Our software.based approach enables users to remotely create AR graphics and templates. Professionally, and even without three.dimensional expertise. “He emphasized:” To bridge this gap, strong and reliable computing performance is needed, which we achieve through the Oracle cloud. ”

Jason Williamson, vice president, director of Oracle’s global startup program, added: “We are proud to support Arti’s disruptive, approach with a powerful, accelerated GPU cloud solution that enables them to run the heaviest workloads in the cloud.” According to him, Arti’s solution is a great example of use where our powerful cloud services support the most demanding applications of any device, work from anywhere and deal with large amounts of data. “Arti is leveraging our cloud to allow broadcasters to use AR and graphics in real time and amaze their audience,” he said.

In addition to high.performance computing capabilities, Oracle’s new public cloud area in Jerusalem gives the Tel Aviv.based company Arti Aviv the benefits of a local data center.

Yaron Zakai.Or, CEO and co.founder of Arti (Photo: arti)

“Our platform replaces very expensive hardware with a subscription to a cloud app, and a team of 4.5 professionals with a show,” Zakai.Or added. Images, elements of a sponsor brand, a data feed, a live feed of social media and websites, in just a few minutes. “

He noted that among other things: “The reporter from the field can easily combine dynamic data feed and AR graphics live and instantly, and control them live via mobile phone.“

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