While technology has made our world fast and chaotic, and sometimes it adds to mental stress, it can also help reduce it – as in startup Reflect, which aims to give the user feedback on how stressed he is and help him teach his body to release.

Noga Sapir – the inventor, founder and CEO of Reflect Innovation – is behind the project. “The biofeedback method, in which the worlds of the body and the brain meet – when you use the physiological signs of the body to teach the brain to gain control, and among other things, it is used to treat anxiety,” says Sapir.

At Shenkar, Sapir managed to combine her interest in design and textiles with her technological background and scientific knowledge. “It was important to me to combine the concept of the biofeedback method with smart textiles and everything came together into a product, which was my final project, which meant that it would also help people feel better and reduce stress, and on the other hand is also beautiful to the eye and pleasant to the touch.” –

The ball analyzes data using touch, and after receiving the stress level information, accompanies the user during meditation or any exercise we want to do in order to relax. The feedback is immediate and is done by changing the LED lights on the ball, with the idea being that we strive our body to reach the right color.

“It’s like an advanced lie detector,” Sapir explains. “The method touches on physiological processes that take place in the body that we do not control, such as breathing or regulating body temperature. In biofeedback we raise the physiological metrics to the user’s awareness through a graph or game he can see and help him gain control, teach the body to lower or raise the graph, for example. “The treatment is done in the clinic, when the indices are seen on a screen. I put the sensors in something different in terms of visibility, it does not have a technological look and that is part of its charm. Besides, it is portable and can accompany you anywhere.“

Sapir’s final project also garnered international awards and the attention of the Joy Ventures Investment Fund, which invests in the venture – a fund that focuses on advancing technologies, ventures and research in the field of wellbeing. The foundation deals with issues in the worlds of mental resilience, and together with Sapir is working on launching the Reflect Orb ball for millions of potential users in the US by selling directly through the start.up’s website within a few months.

“The idea behind Wellbeing is to look for technologies that are scientifically based, and to bring the consumer a product that will ultimately make him happy,” explains Sophie Melnik Amitai, the foundation’s VP of marketing. From the fund itself, and of course investors in the companies and projects we accompany them. There are companies that are at the beginning of the road, and we have companies that already operate with a large and well.known user base in Israel and the United States.

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