Mercury kills the world

In April 1972: The UN Commission of Inquiry warned on Friday that the mercury contained in various food items has killed several hundred people and harmed thousands more, so the mercury issue is now a global problem.

The Commission of Experts, which specializes in food additive research, considered mercury to be a highly deceptive poison, the proportion of which in the human habitat is constantly increasing.

The Commission, acting under the auspices of the World Health Organization, the WHO and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), issued a recommendation on Friday on the maximum permitted levels of mercury in foodstuffs.

The Commission’s report said that fish is the most dangerous source of mercury. – –

The metal levels in drinking water will be reviewed

For some the maximum permissible concentrations of metals in drinking water will be revised. The WHO expert group met in Helsinki on Monday to discuss the matter.

The metals to be determined are lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic and manganese. Appropriate maximum concentrations will be considered not only per water but also per individual and in the environment in general.

Participants speculate that cadmium and possibly mercury are the most talked about participants.

According to Director-General Leo Noro, the WHO has been setting standards for contaminants in drinking water for more than 10 years.. – –

“We have very few toxic metals in drinking water in Finland compared to some more industrialized countries. Standards have been carefully calculated and safety margins are high, so people have been intimidated by these things in vain. Trace elements are natural components of the diet, and their absence would cause deficiency diseases, ”Noro said. – –

Meeting Japanese participant Dr. K. Tsuchiya said the cadmium problem is getting worse in Japan.

“In 1968, cadmium entering the river was considered to have caused the painful Itai-Itai disease in a rural area. The nearby plant was ordered to pay heavy compensation to the sick. ”

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