This is Sega’s ‘Supergame’ project

Sega has offered the first details of its plan announced a few months ago under the name of super game and which includes everything from the development of multiplatform triple A titles with Unreal Engine 5 to cloud gaming, and does not rule out its entry into the non-fungible token market or NFT.

Sega announced the Supergame project in May 2021, during the presentation of its financial results. A five-year strategy that had been in the making since 2019 and in which Sega Sammy Holdings Sega’s parent company after its merger with Sammy in 2004, stated that it would invest up to 882 million dollars (just over 807 million euros at current exchange rates) in November 2021.

In an interview posted on the Sega Japan website to Sega’s Executive Vice President, Shuji Utsumi the group manager, Katsuya Hisai and the Japanese producer, Masayoshi Kikuchi and translated by VGC, Utsumi offers the main lines of what will be the company’s Supergame plan, which is based on “the development of triple A titles”.

These games included in the Supergame plan must meet four requirements: be multiplatform, have a global and multilingual development, simultaneous releases around the world and be triple A.

Sega thus intends to strengthen its IP (Intellectual Property, that is, Intellectual Property) and not only “revive the value” of existing ones but also create many others, according to Utsumi. In this sense, he speaks of “tradition and innovation”, which also implies “standardizing the worldwide and simultaneous launch” of the titles.

Hisai adds that the development of these titles will be done with the graphic engine Unreal Engine 5, that Epic Games has recently released. In addition, it recognizes contacts with ‘startups’ for the use of various technologies based on Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Hisai has assured that several projects are already being developed and, in his department, “about 50 people” are in that first stage. Looking ahead, he anticipates the final number of workers on these projects to be “several hundred”.

Utsumi also refers to the “great potential of the relationship between people who play games and those who watch video games.” In this sense, his company is “thinking about creating new entertainment,” and one of the options they are already working on is “a system that allows the viewer to intervene in the game.”


The Supergame project can also integrate cloud technology and NFTs. Kikuchi explains during the interview that the video game industry has a history of expansion through the “connection of various technologies and cultures.”

As a result, Kikuchi acknowledges that “a natural extension of the future of gaming will expand and involve new areas such as cloud gaming and NFTs In this sense, the Sega producer talks about developing the Supergame plan titles from the perspective of how very different games can be intertwined with each other.

The Sega producer’s statements take place after the company sealed a strategic alliance with Microsoft to develop games on Azure, the American cloud platform, last November.

Two months later, in January 2022, Sega registered the Sega NFT trademark, a week after its CEO, Haruki Satomi, ruled out its entry into that market for the time being, alleging the negativity that these assets generated at that time among the public.

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