For Iskon.Play TV now only the application is enough, they also introduced a TV stick

As announced last fall, Iskon has introduced new usage options for its Iskon.Play TV service, making it even easier to activate and watch. Namely, Iskon.Play TV works on any network, can be used without a contract, and can now be watched without an external receiver.

In addition to the Android TV box, they now offer it as a standalone Android TV app or via Xiaomi TV stick, which led to one of the main objections of the Android box, which did not have the ability to download the Netflix app from Google’s store.

They developed the Android TV box themselves, and it was also easily portable, so the user could take it on vacation or to a weekend house, or anywhere where there is internet.

Xiaomi’s TV stick now offers Android 11 operating system, and there is no rent for it, as for a box, but you can easily install Netflix or Amazon Prime, which, along with HBO Max and services already included in the offer, significantly covers streaming services .

But the Iskon.Play TV app is even simpler. Available for Android 8+ TVs, it offers you the same usage experience and features as the box or stick app. All you need to do after installation is enter the required data and continue watching TV.

– Users who are already on Iskon.Play TV, with portability and choice, as the most common reasons for satisfaction mention image quality, advanced content search methods and a very intuitive interface where you can easily and comfortably navigate, search your favorite content and recommendations . Lastly, of course, everything is automatically recorded and saved for later viewing for the next seven days. Advanced TV service would not be complete without it, it is already taken for granted and is not paid extra – explains Iskon’s CEO KreÅ¡imir Madunović.

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