Experts from Sofascore revealed how they use AI: 'The application is very active, it will certainly remain'

On Tuesday, the Croatian Association for Artificial Intelligence in Zagreb organized the first meeting of the CroAI Marketing Club, a new micro-community of the association with the theme „Unlocking the Power of AI: Personalized Marketing Strategies“. The gathering of numerous experts and enthusiasts was led by Tena Turčinović Barukčić, head of the Marketing Club, and the panelists were industry experts: Goran Vujasin, COO and head of performance at Younited agency, Tanya Ariana Bendis, director of operations and marketing at Omnisearch and Branimir Karačić, VP of Marketing at to Sofascore. They shared their experiences, challenges and examples of successful application of AI tools in marketing.

– We had a lot of skepticism in the agency about using AI, until we had a situation where we were pressed by deadlines and needed an advanced visual solution. At that moment, we tried the AI ​​tool and got an amazing solution that would have taken us days of work otherwise. That broke the barrier and now we are increasingly using artificial intelligence tools – said Goran Vujasin, COO and head of performance at the Younited agency.

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Branimir Karačić, VP of Marketing at Sofascore, emphasized that they have long passed the romantic phase with artificial intelligence and that more they have an AI team doing optimization for a while.

– Within our products, we use AI to monitor user behavior and user experience, for advertising, visual solutions, etc. That’s how we use AI to optimize data that alreadyć we have. The application is very active and we are sure that AI is here to stay – said Karačić.

Tanya Ariana Bendis, director of operations and marketing at Omnisearch, shared how AI solutions save time.

– For our podcast, for example, we now use a tool that automatically cuts the episode and selects the most interesting parts for publication on social networks, which previously took at least 2-3 hours, depending on the length of the episode. Another good example is the tool we use to write content for LinkedIn, which analyzes trends and the most popular content at the moment and adapts our content accordingly. This significantly improved our reach – explained Tanya.

The Marketing Club will be held every month, and for upcoming topics, speakers and dates, follow the association’s LinkedIn profile or sign up for the digital calendar where you can see all upcoming events.

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