Contestants gather before the 2024 Scientific Innovation Award ceremony

Contestants participating in the 2024 Science Innovation Contest from localities gathered in Hanoi to attend the Young Scientists Conference and Award Ceremony taking place on the afternoon of May 16.

From the afternoon of May 15, a number of competition teams from provinces and cities across the country gathered in Hanoi. Many authors said they were very nervous when they received an invitation from the Organizing Committee to go to Hanoi to attend the award ceremony.

Competing at the competition with highland warm water stove products, the author group Thuy Son Nang from Quang Nam was full of excitement and nervousness before “G hour”. Engineer Duong Quang Kieu (42 years old), representative of the contest group, said everyone was happy to take the flight to Hanoi. He even had a little pressure, hoping to win an award to spread the product to the community. “The Scientific Innovation Contest is a large playground with wide coverage, so it is useful for teams with products that serve the community,” he said.

Engineer Duong Quang Kieu shared photos immediately after arriving in Hanoi. Image: NVCC

As a scientist at Polytechnic University, Ho Chi Minh City National University, Associate Professor, Dr. Nguyen Dinh Quan said this is the second time he has participated in the Scientific Innovation contest. “The competition is very meaningful, the teams are numerous and diverse, all sharing the same desire to bring useful value to life,” he said. He was impressed with the many participating initiatives from farmers, students passionate about creativity, to scientists with practical products and useful ideas.

Associate Professor Quan shared his joy while preparing to move from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi, still with the same emotions as the first season. He acknowledged that what he brought to the contest was still modest compared to hundreds of initiatives, ideas, and products from across the country, so he “felt that I had to try harder to contribute”.

“I feel grateful, honored and excited,” Mr. Quan said, hoping that his technology project to turn paper mill waste sludge into nanocellulose for use in high-quality paper production will spread to many people.

Associate Professor, Dr. Nguyen Dinh Quan and MSc. Le Tan Nhan Tu are very eager to introduce the group’s products to more people. Image: NVCC

At the beginning of Hanoi, the Green Concrete group from the University of Mining and Geology including Dr. Tang Van Lam and colleagues Vo Dinh Trong, Nguyen Trung Hieu, Nguyen Xuan Cong, and Dang Quang Minh also had the same feelings. Dr. Lam, group leader, said that the Green Concrete team said they had participated in many competitions but found that “this competition” allowed them to come into contact with a very professional jury panel, who are leading scientists in various fields. contest.” He is extremely looking forward to the sharing from scientists and speakers at the Young Scientists Conference.

The authors expressed their wish that through the program, manufacturers and consumers will know more about the technology products researched and developed by the groups. Dr. Tang Van Lam hopes that the product will be spread to many scientists and investors and can cooperate in developing in-depth and comprehensive research. From there, it is possible to gradually bring light-transmitting green concrete products into actual production and commercialization of the product.

The 2024 Scientific Innovation Award ceremony took place on the afternoon of May 16 at the headquarters of the Ministry of Science and Technology (113 Tran Duy Hung, Hanoi). The program takes place alongside the Young Scientist Summit with the theme “Young scientists and creative startups”. The program is part of a series of events aimed at celebrating Vietnam Science and Technology Day May 18 and the 65th anniversary of the establishment of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Creative Science Contest – CSC is an annual contest organized by VnExpress newspaper with the goal of creating a playground for science and technology lovers with ideas and products that have value for use in life. This year the contest received 135 applications with 124 valid entries. The exams went through qualifying rounds and readers’ votes, resulting in 30 scoring entries entering the final.

The total prize structure is up to 300 million VND, including a special prize of 100 million VND, first prize of 70 million VND, second prize of 50 million VND, third prize of 30 million VND and two consolation prizes of 10 million VND each. In addition, there is an initiative category honoring special products and initiatives serving people in remote areas with a value of 30 million VND.

All prize money is sponsored by the Hope Foundation. This is a social-charitable fund operating for the community, not for profit, operated by VnExpress Newspaper and FPT Joint Stock Company. The Fund pursues two goals: supporting difficult situations and creating motivation for development. One of the fund’s activities is to promote the application of technology, equipping individuals and communities with tools for sustainable development, especially equipping knowledge through education.

The award ceremony and conference will be reported online on VnExpress.

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