Nvidia believes semiconductor shortages will continue for most of 2022

Nvidia believes that current global semiconductor shortage, the materials used to make processors and graphics cards, will continue for most of next year 2022.

This has been assured by the CEO de Nvidia, Jensen Huang, in a meeting with investors of the company that took place this Wednesday, in which he addressed the business of high-end graphics units RTX of the brand, as reflected in a transcript of the event.

I hope we find ourselves in a supply-restricted environment for most of next year“Huang told investors.

Since the beginning of 2021, processor manufacturers, such as the American Qualcomm, have been denouncing a global semiconductor shortage, which they denounce that they depend mostly on Asian and Taiwanese companies in particular, such as TSMC.

This situation has caused supply problems that have led to manufacturing issues for vehicles, consoles like the latest Xbox and PlayStation.

This phenomenon also affects Nvidia graphics cards, whose latest model, RTX 30 series, cannot keep up with demand, so the company has recently started to restock some old models.

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