At first I did not think I would be so enthusiastic about the action game Dungeons Hades where you try to get out of the underworld (hell not the mafia) while you are in an endless death loop, but the atmosphere of the game, the combination of beautiful details in different stages along with attractive music, difficulty level That can be attached to the character, made me addicted pretty quickly.

The game Hades, which was developed and distributed by Supergiant Games, is a smart loop game, a loop that means you will die an infinite number of times and find yourself at the starting point again, but it is smart that every time you are reborn you will have a different experience and even learn something new.

You step into the shoes of Zagros, the son of Hadas the ruler borrowed from Greek mythology and you intend to leave home and join the gods at Olympus. Dad is less enthusiastic about the idea and sends his subjects, demons and other threatening creatures, to prevent you from leaving and they do not ask nicely. To get out of hell you have to go through many dungeons, in different stages of the underworld and this is not a simple task that will require you to get better and stronger. To do this you will help the Greek gods who will give you prizes and powers every time you finish a maze, some of the abilities will be with you only in the current incarnation i.e. until you die. However, the prizes and loot you will collect will be used to upgrade your character every time you start the escape again, and the idea, if you have not understood so far, is to get stronger and stronger, so that the journey becomes easier.

The idea of ​​dying over and over again, just to get through those stages, does not evoke the joy of play in some of you, but here comes into the story the story and the characters very cleverly adapting yourself to where you were killed and how far you progressed in the escape process. So every time you go back to the Kabbalah Hall and meet characters like Hadas or the other residents of the underworld, the dialogues will change and more information about the character and plot will be revealed to you. In fact even after more than 100 hours of play I got new lines of dialogue, which made the process of death and rebirth more natural and less oppressive.

Another smart thing the game does is the character’s upgrade abilities, there’s nothing more satisfying than getting in the head from some demons or giants and then going back to that stage four times as powerful and eradicating them easily. There are quite a few abilities to upgrade, as well as the option to complete the stages with different weapons and of course get more prizes for the achievement and upgrade the character again, until you are strong enough to join friends at Olympus. Add to that the variety of enemies, each of which requires a different tactic to defeat, and you get a no less enjoyable experience. Plus, the game gives you the option to play Good Mode, which you will not die and you will finish the story as quickly as possible, but if you really want to enjoy the whole package you will die, it is much more worth it. A copy of the game Hades was received by Adli United, the official importer of the game in Israel.

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