A Forum Investment Global conference held in the United Arab Emirates, led by the Jerusalem Post Group in collaboration with the Khalij Times, the leading media group in the UAE, allowed Israeli companies to present the capabilities and developments that place our country at the forefront of global innovation. The conference also gave hope for strengthening friendly relations between the countries, based on new economic ties.

“Unique Artificial Intelligence”

“We use very unique artificial intelligence, which simulates human intuition and the capabilities of experienced human researchers in decision making and helps banks solve the problem of global payment transfers,” said Mark Gazit, CEO of ThetaRay, a participant in the UAE Forum Investment Global conference.

The technology developed by ThetaRay enables banks, financial service providers and businesses to operate a secure and smart money transfer system. “The world has become global, money is moving from place to place digitally, and hostile organizations, whether they are terrorist bodies or human trafficking networks, are exploiting the loopholes in the system dangerously and even stealing money from banks.”

Mark Gazit, CEO of ThetaRay (Photo: Mark Israel Salem)
  • With this technology you will find that pain management should not hurt nor take time

“Payment transfers today take several days, cost a lot of money and it is not always possible to verify who is behind them,” says Gazit. “We are opening this blockage in the transfer pipeline, which was created as a result of the world being afraid of money laundering and terrorist financing.”

“Our system sometimes detects threats and attacks before they are carried out because it picks up on unusual behavior that the human factor can miss, it is a revolution,” he adds.

“We are accelerating the payment process, lowering costs and allowing banks to improve the service they provide to their customers and help countries that are weak and problematic stabilize their financial system. In fact we do for the payment system what the internet did 25 years ago, only we allow payment transfers “Secure where you can identify the payer and the payee and make sure the transfer is not intended to commit a crime or fund terrorist activity. Our system also works with digital currencies and the blockchain system.”

Gazit explains that the company’s technology is based on a set of algorithms that allow the computer to detect human intuition: “It looks at a lot of parameters – knows how to connect the dots and tell us if something in the accounts does not smell good. This way the system can warn of suspicious activity.” And we can take the appropriate steps even before the crime is committed.

At the conference, Gazit revealed that the Emirates government had recently fined 11 banks for activities suspected of money laundering, and explained that the Emirates government is working to regulate its financial activities as it intends to become one of the global economic centers. Gazit added: “It is important to remember that what brings true peace between countries is the economy. Our system will raise the level of trust and enable global money transfers without unnecessary intermediaries or bottlenecks.”

“Health system management”

“This is an extraordinary opportunity to strengthen the bilateral ties between the countries,” says Prof. Rafi Biar, one of the directors of the ALIVE venture capital fund, which participated in the conference. The fund has a strategic partnership with Maccabi Health Services, Assuta Medical Centers, Maccabi Fund, Leumi Partners, Investment Group British CBG and American Hospital Network Carilion Clinic.

“We work in the life sciences industry, and we have quite a few conversations with various parties in Dubai,” emphasizes Prof. Biar, former director of the Rambam Medical Center and dean of the Technion’s Faculty of Medicine. “There is a lot of interest in medicine and they also have very specific problems that are interesting. Promote them. Dubai has world-leading medical centers, and is interested in clinical and technological collaborations with Israel. “

Professor Rafi Biar (Photo: Mark Israel Salem)Professor Rafi Biar (Photo: Mark Israel Salem)

“They have broad needs in population management, health care management and the transition to digital,” he adds, “two common problems there are obesity and diabetes, and they want to know how to manage it. Learn who is prone to obesity with the help of the powerful digital capabilities in Israel and the ability to analyze using artificial intelligence. This is how we can advance the capabilities between us and influence the whole world.

The fund’s director, Michelle Habib, former CEO of Hadassah Bioholdings, adds: “They also need advanced treatment, oncology solutions, and even at the level of digital remote medical advice. Another issue that interests them is investing in cyber, they are very vulnerable to attacks on hospitals, and this is an area that is important to them. “

One of the companies in which the fund invests and is suitable for such cooperation is CYNERIO, a cyber company that has developed a platform for the protection of IoT medical equipment in hospitals. “Usually when there is an attack, the first thing the system does is stop all activity, but when it comes to medical equipment it is life threatening,” emphasizes Dudi Klein, a manager at the fund who previously held the position of head of innovation at Assuta.

“The company’s platform detects which of the equipment is a life-supporting medical device and which are secondary systems and alerts the security guard who knows how to handle the problem. In addition, the system alerts and displays abnormal behaviors, thus preventing the attack before it launches,” he adds.

“Breakthrough Development”

“Our technological platform for developing placental cell therapies for unresolved diseases is a groundbreaking development that puts Israel on the map as an island of innovation,” said Yaki Yanai, CEO of the biotechnology company Floristem, who participated in the conference’s life sciences panel.

Floristem’s innovative technology is developing its own medical treatments, and is very intriguing to the world, and especially to the Gulf states, and the company is already collaborating with the Abu Dhabi Stem Cell Center. “These ties will establish the possibility of real peace and a good relationship between the two populations who want to work together and talk about a way of life of collaborations,” says Yanai. “Now we meet and talk about the possibilities for expanding technological, research and clinical cooperation. The other who want to bring advanced technologies to the Gulf. “

Yaki Yanai, CEO of the biotechnology company Floristem (Photo: Mark Israel Salem)Yaki Yanai, CEO of the biotechnology company Floristem (Photo: Mark Israel Salem)

Yanai explains that the process involves the multiplication of placental cells taken after full birth, with the consent of the mother, and that the company’s technology, which was born at the Weizmann Institute and the Technion and mimics the cells in the human body, allows cells to multiply outside the human body.

“We are able to produce more than 20,000 treatments in one placenta. The platform we built provides the optimal conditions for cell growth, without the need for genetic matching to the patient. Once the cells are injected, they communicate with the body, speak its language, and once the cells receive the signals, they We know how to respond in the right way and take the right actions to reduce, for example, the level of inflammation and produce a healing effect that lasts for a long time. “

“This is a new generation of drugs,” he emphasizes. “We have joint projects in the US and Europe, we work with the US military and local government there, work with NASA and receive widespread support from government bodies. In early June we also received the first 20 million euros from a non-dilutive 50 million euro financing agreement from the European Bank For investments. “

“There are cells that are designed to treat patients who have had a bone marrow transplant due to cancer and the transplant was not well absorbed, treating massive muscle injuries that require rapid rehabilitation, we also treated respiratory corona patients to reduce inflammation and treat respiratory failure. I emphasized that. “

“Our platform is the basis for a wide range of treatments and indications that will be in the future. When you control the technological process, you can maximize the clinical process. We understand that the platform is the one that will enable the development of necessary products to prepare the world for the coming adolescence challenge.”

“Barriers Removal Tool”

“We believe that technology is the tool that makes it easier to lower barriers,” said Adv. Gil Lev, Noveto’s director of business development, who attended the conference.

Novato has developed an innovative device that allows you to hear music directly in both ears, without any contact or headphones and directly to the identified person, so it does not bother those around you. It’s a sound experience of surround sound and 3D – you feel the sounds revolve around you and envelop only you.

“It was important for us to come here to open a new market,” he emphasizes. “Certainly with technology like the one we developed, which touches on everyday areas, the audio experience and the intuitive connection between man and device, these are things that people connect to. Our interface identifies man through camera and artificial intelligence and connects well to the idea of ​​smart homes, smart offices So all operations can be done without contact. “

“It’s about using closed or open spaces without disturbing the rest of the audience, and that’s in line. The sound envelops you, a quality 3D experience, and because we build virtual speakers close to the ears, it feels like you’re living in the audio.”

Advocate Lev emphasizes that the company has already signed distribution agreements around the world and has begun establishing relationships in the UAE and the region. “We have discovered that they are very open to innovation. These are relationships that we will have to cultivate over time, but in order to mature they need to put a foot in the door and see how things develop. This is definitely a good start “

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