Beko is an international hackathon company that will deal with the design of the future and friendly home

As part of the International Sustainability Acton Hack The Normal Europe 2022, to be held on May 13-15, Beko, the home appliances brand, in partnership with TNW, a company specializing in award-winning technology events, decided to take a closer look at the most important areas for smart home sustainable innovation. .

Both companies will do so at the hackathon they initiated and will be involved in designing the future eco-friendly home, with three themes at the center. The first: how to encourage conscious consumption and create a circular economy around the household while bringing solutions for responsible consumption, repair, reuse and recycling of products. The second issue is how to prevent water waste and pollution by redesigning the water consumption in the home. The third issue is the consequences of climate change and minimizing the personal carbon footprint by reducing household energy consumption.

The hackathon will feature more than 500 like-minded people who want to make a positive impact on the planet. More than 200 mentors and trainers will guide the participants and accompany them from concept to execution. During the hackathon, participants will receive full support, from troubleshooting to presenting solutions to investors.

“The goal is clear,” say sustainability experts at Beko. Considered: from changing habits to responsible consumption in the household.

“A warming of two degrees Celsius means a shortage of water and food, alongside catastrophic events that could happen to us. This means mass migration of peoples from coastal areas, while large parts of the planet become uninhabitable.

“But let’s continue the good atmosphere, because we can still create a better future for humanity and our planet, as we imagined 30 years ago. Fortunately, humanity is blessed with people and societies who give their share for a better future. Entrepreneurs with a vision for the future invent gadgets May they be good to the earth. ” The winning teams will compete for prizes of 50,000 euros, designed to develop the ideas.

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