The Floor One S3 vacuum cleaner will completely change your cleaning routine

Vacuum cleaners that also wash the floor are not new on the market, but I have had quite a few attempts with models that did pump, but it is difficult to read what they did rinsing. The new Tineco regular vacuum cleaner, the Floor One S3 Is definitely the real thing and will completely change your cleaning routine.

This is a smart wireless floor washer with four automatic operations in one device: pumping, rinsing, drying and wiping. It is equipped with a smart sensor system that regularly monitors the dirt on the floor, automatically determines the strength of the device and the rate of water flow and saves battery life.

Its average working time is 35 minutes and the charging time is between four and five hours, with the All in One Led display on the device showing the working time, the power of the device and useful information such as troubleshooting and more.

The washer itself looks very beautiful and futuristic. It also supports quite a bit of innovation, like voice alert and maintenance commands and a connection to an app that lets you streamline your work.

The device does require some maintenance (it has quite a few parts that need cleaning), but overall it is simple and easy to use, and most importantly – leaves you with a clean floor and a wonderful smell.

The artificial intelligence of the vacuum cleaner, which believes in distinguishing between the levels of dirt, works exceptionally well, and it does adjust the power to the area. Its main disadvantage is the structure at the bottom, which prevents it from reaching less accessible areas. In general the device works best on hard floors, and it is best not to bother it with carpets.

The rinsing work of the device is outstanding. It dries after wetting and leaves a dry, striped floor, with the vacuum component pumping out excess water that has been spilled. The vacuum cleaner is also particularly effective in a home that has pets, as it collects all the hairs easily.

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