Over the years, patents have been reported many times that Apple has registered, products that it has designed or even announced and manufactured a number of units – but did not end up in the market. Now, another product is revealed – in the evidence submitted as part of the legal confrontation between Apple and the Epic Games company. During the discussion, an email was sent by the late Apple CEO and founder, Steve Jobs, stating that he had planned to produce an “iPhone nano”. This is a tiny device, smaller than the flagship device at the time – iPhone 4. Unfortunately. The rabbi, the email in question, which was sent in October 2010 to company executives, does not include further details about the device.

In a letter addressing various issues he wanted to raise at a particular strategy meeting in 2011, Gibbs wrote that he was interested in knowing the expected costs of such a device, noting that the company’s chief designer at the time, Johnny Abe, would present Various adaptations. As mentioned, at that time the nano category was identified with the iPods – which displayed capabilities similar to those of the regular models.

In fact, Jobs wanted to minimize the screen of the iPhone 4 – which was then 3.5 inches in size. By comparison, most of the newer devices in recent years include screens larger than 6 inches, and the iPhone with the smallest screen available today is the iPhone 12 Mini – with a 5.5-inch screen.

The ambitious plan of the Apple founder did not materialize, as about a year later he passed away after a battle with cancer. With the entry of his successor, Tim Cook, the iPhone’s screens grew.

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