Financing of research and development projects for the aerospace sector

The Ministry of Business and Made in Italy has announced the publication of the Directorial Decree, the new initiative that promises to bring a significant turning point to the Italian aerospace sector and which formally initiates the financing of research and development projects that aim to strengthen Italian capabilities in terms of national security in line with Law 808/85.

The decree, drawn up under the guidance of Minister Adolfo Urso, marks a concrete commitment to relaunch and consolidate the national aerospace industry in a rapidly evolving geopolitical context with an approach that has not seen similar levels of investment for over a decade. The initiative not only aims to develop advanced technologies but also to position Italy as a leader in the aerospace and defense sector. The funded projects will therefore be essential to maintain and enhance national security, following high standards of innovation and technology.

The national security objectives that guide the financing of projects in the aerospace sector, as established by the Directorial Decree of the Ministry of Business and Made in Italy, are essential to direct technological development and innovation towards strategic areas for defense and security of the country through for example the development of advanced aerospace technologies that can bring improvements in surveillance, communication and rapid intervention systems, and play a crucial role in crisis or threat scenarios. At the same time it is retained It is essential to reduce dependence on foreign technologies consolidating a national industrial base capable of developing independent and innovative solutions.

Other essential points are increase rapid response capabilities in emergency situations,such as natural disasters or terrorist attacks, through the use of drones and other unmanned aircraft for reconnaissance and intervention operations and develop aerospace systems that help protect critical infrastructure, such as communications networks, power plants, and other vital facilities for the functioning of the country.

The financing it is open to all companies operating in the aerospace sector. The applications can be submitted from 1 July to 31 October 2024, offering companies the opportunity to receive financial support for the development of technologies that can have a direct impact on national security. The decree details the eligibility criteria, the eligible expenses and the methods for submitting the proposals, ensuring transparency and fairness in the selection process.

The measure is intended to stimulate the competitiveness of Italian companies, encouraging collaboration between the public and private sectors and promoting high-level research.

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