9z Globant was crowned in Counter Strike 2 and once again dyed the Obelisk purple

The Rock Temple of the City of Buenos Aires, Sanitary Works,was witness to another historic feat 9z Globant in the team-based action and shooting video game, Counter Strike 2. The purple squad played a spectacular tournament, became champion and won the cash prize of 100 thousand dollars.

This iconic stage brought together the best exponents of Argentina during the weekend (Beast and 9z Globant) and Brazil (Pain, Red Canids e Imperial), as well as prominent Europeans such as Sweden (Ninjas in Pyjamas), England (Fnatic) y Spain (KOI).

The purple team, led by the streamer and CEO Frankster,reconfirmed his state of grace, the same one that led him to be a semi-finalist at the Intel Extreme Masters in Dallas 2024. But this time with a special seasoning: the pressure of playing in front of your audience. In an unforgettable final, he left Fnatic behind with 13-10 and 13-4 victories on Dust2 and Inferno, respectively.

The atmosphere at Obras was vibrant, with fans filling every corner of the venue. 9z faced Fnatic, one of the most important esports teams in history, and defeated them decisively. Max, Dgt, MartinezSA, Buda y Huasopeek They shined in each game, supported by a passionate audience that turned the event into a celebration of the Argentine CS.

9z’s path in the Fire League

9z’s journey began with a 13-10 loss to NIP, but continued with victories over BEAST (13-5 and 13-8) and the Brazilians of Pain (13-3 and 16-13). These victories allowed them to advance to the playoffs, where they eliminated difficult rivals and demonstrated their superiority.

In the semi-final against KOI, a Spanish team that had beaten Imperial and RED Canids in Group B, 9z showed an exceptional level of play. With a double 13-4, they advanced to the final. MartinezSA and Dgt took the lead, always guided by Max, and led the team to a coronation that seems to have no ceiling.

The Obelisk turned purple again

The City of Buenos Aires surprised the people of Buenos Aires, once again, with the Obelisk dyed violet.

On the other hand, the City of Buenos Aires did not want to be left out of the celebrations for the new Counter Strike 2 national title. As happened two years ago, the now 9z Globant dyed the emblematic Obelisk purple againas part of the BA Gaming initiative.

This new milestone in electronic sports was capitalized by Buenos Aires, which seeks to consolidate itself as the Latin American capital of technological development. To promote it, the City developed “BA Gaming”, which includes different initiatives such as la copa “BA Gaming”which in its first edition (2022) brought together 1,700 young people, focused on games Free Fire; Counter Strike: Global Offensive; y League of Legends.

And the BA Gaming Plan brings together a series of initiatives to accompany the growth of the video game industry and enhance professionalization of esports.

As part of this initiative, the BA Gaming Training Academy, a learning cycle for the professionalization of young gamers; and the opening of Gaming Labs, spaces equipped with the necessary resources for competition and exchange between gamers and streamers.

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