Rimac published a video: We reveal robot taxis, you will be surprised

Mate Rimac announced on Facebook on Sunday that he will be introduced to the robot taxi in ten days.

– By the way, I don’t make this kind of video, but in the next two weeks we have two big events. I want to talk a little about that. First, next week we will present the new Bugatti. Every new Bugatti is a big event. I am very proud of the hundreds of people who worked on it for four years, I believe you will like it. And then a week after that, we will present the robot taxi. We will show the vehicle, reveal the name and show many other things related to it. It is something very special, you will be surprised – says Rimac in the video he recorded on the Rimac campus.


– In 15 years, we have achieved something that is so crazy and unimaginable. I have a lot of gray hair now, not only me, many who helped me and participated in this journey. Ž I would like to thank them very much. This is quite emotional for me – says Rimac.

Let’s remind you, back in spring, Rimac announced on Facebook: “Hey, people – the robotaxi is coming! Unveil on June 26, 2024.” From Rimč’s P3 moreć have previously announced that they will officially present a working prototype of an autonomous electric vehicle in the middle of this year.

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