Nintendo Direct – 40 minutes dedicated to new games coming out on Switch

A new, highly anticipated Nintendo Direct is on the way which promises to reveal the titles arriving for Nintendo Switch in the second half of 2024. The presentation of the lasting approximately 40 minutes, it will focus exclusively on games intended for the console which to date has sold 141 million units worldwide.

The very length of the event, 40 minutes, suggests that Nintendo has many important announcements to make, covering a wide range of genres and titles that will enrich the gaming experience of Switch owners in the coming months. From action games to puzzle games, through narrative adventures and much more, expectations are addressed towards a varied and exciting line-up.

It is important to underline that, Despite the continuous rumors and speculation circulating in the environment, this presentation will not include information on a possible new model of Nintendo Switch. The Japanese giant has decided to present its next-gen console only during 2025. Nintendo has clearly decided to focus on strengthening the catalog of games for the current generation of its console, confirming its commitment to the millions of users who they chose Switch for their gaming experiences.

There will be no shortage of updates on already announced games, while some insiders suggest that there could also be announcements of unexpected collaborations and special projects that will take advantage of the Switch’s unique versatility.

It will be possible to follow the live broadcast on the Nintendo Direct website or on the Nintendo Italia YouTube channel.

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