After the restaurants and cafes: fuel in a technological revolution in convenience stores

Following the cafe and restaurant chains, it was now the turn of the petroleum corporations to employ robots in customer service. Delek Israel has announced the launch of the JOE Robot convenience store network, which will act as a smart personal assistant for consumers, accompanying and assisting them throughout their shopping experience.

In the initial phase, visitors will be able to meet the robot at the JOE fuel convenience shop located near the Ramat Hasharon station at the Kfar Hayark junction. It will be available in more of the chain’s stores in the future. In the first phase, the corporation will invest NIS 1 million. One Robotix is the company that makes the Temi robot. It will greet consumers, offer specials, assist customers in finding the goods they want, and encourage them to download the network’s app.

According to Kobi Yosef, Delek’s VP of Technology and Innovation, including the robot into the convenience store service experience is part of executing the “customer center” concept, which connects the digital and in-store experiences.

Oded Tahori, CEO of One Robotix: “The connection to a major firm like Delek Israel allows robots to be integrated into the world of retail and retail, resulting in a revolution in the consumer experience. Delek is a market leader in convenience stores, and it will provide appropriate products and promotions, as well as a technology experience.”

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