Revolut users can now earn and invest in bonds

Revolut has announced that they are adding bonds to their investment offer in Croatia, and providing investment services in the EEA through Revolut Securities Europe UAB (Revolut). The announcement comes after a recent representative survey conducted by the company Dynata on behalf of Revolut in Croatia, which showed that as many as 37% of Croats have a low tolerance for risk, which leads them to look for safer investment options.

Croatian citizens are the most conservative investors among the 15 surveyed European countries, where an average of 29% of respondents prefer safer investment options. Furthermore, 17% of respondents from Croatia want to diversify their portfolios, while at the same time being open to moderate risk.

Bonds stand out as a good starting point for investors who are less prone to risk, because they usually offer a high level of stability and the possibility of significant portfolio diversification, they state from Revolut and add that a good credit rating and protection against inflation additionally contribute to their appeal. Features for investors looking for stability and the possibility of reliable returns.

Both governments and corporations use bonds as a means of raising capital, offering investors the opportunity to effectively borrow money in exchange for regular interest payments and a return of the invested funds at the end. Different types of bonds offer different risk and return profiles, and should be evaluated accordingly. Bond yields could also make them a good hedge in the event of a major economic downturn.

Revolut’s offer currently includes close to 40 corporate and government bonds, and the list will expand in the coming months. The minimum amount to start investing in bonds is 100 USD/EUR, with a 0.25% fixed fee per trade (minimum fee is 1 USD/EUR). Other fees may apply.

– This is another step in Revolut’s mission to build a comprehensive investment platform that includes a wide range of investment instruments, is available throughout the EEA, and is intended for both advanced investors and beginners. Users have access to more than 2,800 US and European stocks and over 500 exchange-traded funds (ETFs), as well as real-time investment performance tracking tools such as watchlists. Live shopping, trading charts and market news – all within the Revolut application – it is stated.

– We continue to expand Revolut’s investment offer with bonds, an excellent way to diversify an investment portfolio, protect against uncertainty and generate fixed income. With higher potential returns and diversification benefits, bonds offer a compelling alternative for investors who want to build wealth and preserve capital – said Rolandas Juteika, Head of Assets and Trading (EGP):

Revolut warns that as with all investments, there is a capital risk. The value of the investment can rise and fall. Past performance, as well as bond yield shown in gross amount, is not a reliable indicator of future performance and Revolut does not guarantee that your investment goals will be achieved or that the portfolio will generate a return. You can lose your entire investment if the bond issuer defaults. The value of the investment may be affected by currency fluctuations. The information contained here is not a personal recommendation, investment advice or an offer to make any investment decision. For more information, see the Revolut Trading Terms and Conditions, Fees FAQ page and Risk Disclosure.

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