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The short videos broadcast on social networks They are the main source of information for young people, ahead of traditional media, according to an annual report by the Reuters Institute.

“Videos are becoming a more important source of online information, especially among younger people,” highlights the report from the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, linked to the University of Oxford.

“In certain areas of Asia, Latin America and Africa, social networks are, by far, the most important gateway” to the news, the text highlights.

The report is based on online surveys carried out by the company YouGov among 95,000 people in 47 countries.

The case of Peru stands out, where 30% of those interviewed stated that TikTok is their main source of information, compared to 2% in Denmark.

Following the trend of recent years, the study shows that two-thirds of respondents worldwide watch at least one short video (a few minutes) on a news topic every week.

The big problem for traditional media is that almost three quarters (72%) of this video consumption takes place on platforms and social networks, compared to only 22% on their original sites, which raises questions about their ability to generate income.

Like last year, a dichotomy is observed between the networks.

On Facebook and X (formerly Twitter), whose audiences have aged, traditional media remain dominant, although these networks tend to give less and less space to information.

But on TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube, with a younger audience, the search for information is carried out more through content creators and influencers than through traditional media and journalists.

“Consumers embrace video because it is easily accessible and offers a wide variety of content. But many traditional media remain anchored in a text culture and have difficulty adapting,” says Nic Newman, the main author of the text.

The report particularly highlights the case of the Frenchman Hugo Décrypte (pseudonym of Hugo Travers, 27 years old), who employs 25 people.

“With 2.6 million subscribers on its YouTube channel and 5.7 million on TikTok, it has become an important source of information for young French people,” the report notes.

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