the secret keys that boys use to access pornographic content

First came the loss of concentration and school absenteeism, then came aggressiveness and withdrawal syndrome. Putting a cell phone in the hands of a minor and expecting them to make conscious and responsible use of the device themselves is utopian. Networks now make up the main communication tool for young people around the worldy TikTok is positioned as your favorite social network.

While the promotion of healthy digital habits continues to be scarce, the ephemeral video app from the Chinese company Bytedance An average consumption of 75 minutes per day is ensured. Uncontrolled use and unlimited access to inappropriate content are often fertile ground for the Internet to become an information channel that no one supervises.

According to recent data from the Drug Addiction Help Foundation (FAD), minors start consuming pornography between the ages of 8 and 12being constant consumption between 13 and 17 years.

A teenage girl checks her mobile phone in her room before going to sleep. Photo: The Vanguard.

The report (Mis) sexual information: pornography and adolescence published by Save the Children reports that almost 10% of minors had access to pornographic material before the age of 10 and 53.8% before the age of 13.

The lack of information and access to sex education of quality causes 3 out of 10 minors to consider that pornography is their only resource to learn about sexuality, according to data from Save the Children.

Fictitious, demeaning and disrespectful sex that encourages risky sexual behavior and gender stereotypes. In addition, the consumption of pornography systematically reproduces sexist behaviorpromotes violence, objectification and depersonalization of women.

According to a report by the leading online security and digital well-being platform Qustodio, digital consumption has increased notably in recent years, especially among minors, reaching an average of 730 hours a year.

Through the #youtubeazul tag, TikTok users can mask pornographic videos. Through the #youtubeazul tag, TikTok users can mask pornographic videos.

The company talks about the birth of a new trend in TikTok that, through language codes, facilitates access to pornographic content.

Eduardo Cruz, CEO of Qustodio, emphasizes the need for urgent digital education “for families, educational centers and minors”. It is essential that parents encourage responsible use “without ever forgetting the initial accompaniment, open communication and support in tools that allow us to create balanced, safe and healthy digital routines that avoid exposure to inappropriate content and the risks that these entail as much as possible”.

How to control content on TikTok

The tags #youtubenaranja y #youtubeazul They are the ones used on the platform to access two large pages of pornographic content, Pornhub and XXNX videos. Both were created to bypass control algorithms and could mutate to continue spreading this type of content without raising suspicions, which makes it difficult to moderate them.

In fact, the #youtube Naranja tag accumulates more than 121 million views within the platform and #youtubeazul already totals 118 million.

Family Sync, Tiktok's option for parents to control their children's activity in the video app. Family Sync, Tiktok’s option for parents to control their children’s activity in the video app.

On the other hand, TikTok has its own parental control system called Family Synchronization. With this system, parents can link their own TikTok accounts to their children’s to control them remotelyand make the necessary adjustments if you suspect that they access prohibited content.

In this case, parents must enter the TikTok profile from the cell phone, access the Settings, and click on the Family Synchronization option that appears in the section of Content and activity. Here, you will have to say that you are a parent or legal guardian, and will generate a QR code. Then, you will also go to the Family Synchronization section with the minor’s cell phone, and when you choose the option that you are a minor you will go to the function of camera to scan the QR.

Once both phones are synchronized, the eventual parent or guardian will be able to control account settings of the minor through yours on TikTok.

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