econocomretail will show at ISE the technological solutions that will define the future of stores

The econocom company, through its brand econocomretail, has announced its participation in the ISE fair (Integrated Systems Europe), which will take place in Barcelona from May 10 to 13 and in which the company will show the technological solutions that will define “the present and the future of stores”.

The econocomretail solutions will be exhibited within the ISE Retail Showcase area, a space created by ISE and promoted by econocom so that the ‘retailers’ find the solutions that meet their needs, such as reducing waiting times in stores, improving the shopping experience or optimizing payments, returns or delivery.

These and other issues will be shown by econocom at the ‘stand’ through technological solutions and applications that “allow the new consumer experience to be shaped, while at the same time the ‘online’ and ‘offline’ environment are united in the physical store“, As explained by the company through a statement.

To achieve this, econocomretail encompasses a panorama of technological partners such as Intel, LG, NEC, Samsung, Nexcom or Vestel, who help retailers to create the shopping experience of the future by integrating their solutions in the ISE Retail Showcase.


The technological solutions will be available at the ‘stand’ through two different store areas created by econocom. On the one hand, in the Grocery area, they will show tools that can be implemented in a supermarket or grocery store (also applicable to other sectors).

Also, you can visit the Fashion retail area, where attendees will find experiential technologies that allow to achieve a better ‘customer engagement’, making the consumer more involved in the store experience.

Finally, to complete the ‘in-store experience’, econocom accommodates technologies that help to better understand the consumer creating an Analytics Area, in which you can see people content solutions, facial recognition and sensors that achieve a more digital and connected physical retail.

econocomretail will use its RealDOOH platform a ‘suite’ of applications for ‘retail’ that allows unify all store technologies in a single environment. This platform will be available at the ‘stand’, where all its capabilities will be displayed. This tool will also work together with the solutions of the collaborating brands to add value propositions, such as consumer data or unattended payment solutions such as ‘automated check-out’.

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