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MADRID, 11 Jun. (Portaltic/EP) –

Xiaomi recently introduced the most powerful fast charging system yet, with 200W per cable, and now the company has recognized that the use of this technology causes a reduction in battery capacity, which after 800 charge cycles goes to 80 percent from its original space.

This charging system HyperCharge de 200W por cable he is able to fully recharge the battery of a Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro -model yet to be announced- 4,000 mAh in just eight minutes, while wirelessly has 120W of power and recharges the device in 15 minutes.

Now, the Chinese company has shared more details about the operation in a question and answer session on the Chinese social network Weibo, and has explained that it has a chemical system for the protection of battery materials against degradation.

Compared to other ultra-fast charging systems, in which after 400 charge cycles the total capacity is reduced to 60 percent of the original, Xiaomi’s HyperCharge technology means that after 800 charge cycles, the capacity is 80 percent.

The Chinese brand has highlighted the safety of its new charging system, and has stated that has up to 40 protection measures to maintain the charging temperature, voltage, current and charging protocol.

The 200W cable charging system has a 98.6 percent efficiency in heat dissipation, with a gradual current algorithm that regulates capacity and temperature and a graphite sheet occupying 60 percent Of the surface of the mobile.

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