Afraid to tell the truth? Who among us does not sometimes wonder what is the post with the most likes, shares and comments onFacebook– Nowadays, with everyone holding their own account and excessively sharing the world with their experiences and opinions, the global social network is one of the most popular and almost inseparable places of entertainment from our lives, close to 16 years since it burst into our lives by storm.

Despite its limitations, Facebook is known as one of the content platforms that give the most freedom of expression to its users. But do the company’s management see things the same way? Exactly at the end of the first quarter of 2021, the management of the social network decided to publish what were the posts that received the most exposure in the US – an exciting letter from an Indian monk was in the first place according to the publication, followed by some pictures and articles of not tasty food, and the only problem. It is missing one publication that has surpassed the latter in popularity level.

Facebook’s Like button (Photo: Reuters)

Israeli pride?

Millions of people around the world refuse to get vaccinated against the corona virus for fear of their health or because they believe in all sorts of conspiracies and such and other Pike News sites that exist on the net. Tens of thousands of them live in Israel, and surprisingly, are also responsible for quite a few of the angry posts against the governments that require us to get vaccinated.

So what was Facebook trying to hide? It turns out that the most popular post in the first quarter of 2021 in the U.S. was a post by vaccine opponents. How many were exposed to it? Close to 54 million people (one.sixth of the state’s population). A perfectly healthy doctor who had been vaccinated against the virus found his death shortly afterwards.This article was of course examined, and proved to be unfounded, since the doctor’s death according to the post.mortem had nothing to do with the Chinese virus.

Vaccine opponents demonstrate in Tel Aviv (Photo: Avshalom Shashoni)Vaccine opponents demonstrate in Tel Aviv (Photo: Avshalom Shashoni)

And the important detail – 20 pages and large groups shared the article, of which 6 groups of vaccine opponents. The community of vaccine opponents in Israel was one of the reasons that led to increased exposure of the post, as its distribution made the misleading article super viral.

Hurried to tweet the truth

According to the New York Times, which published the story, Facebook was quick to shelve the problematic report, presenting its investors and users with an innocent misrepresentation. After it was announced that the report had been shelved, Facebook decided to publish the real report, but modestly, on the private Twitter page of Andy Stone, one of the senior executives of the social network. It is ironic, therefore, that the data on Facebook was published on Twitter.

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