Spotify now allows you to upload video podcasts

Podcasters will now be able to publish videos to Spotify, the world’s most popular streaming platform. For the time being, the function will only be available in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Anchor, the video creation tool, can be used to submit video. Spotify purchased podcasts in 2019. Video podcasts operate with embedded content and are compatible with Spotify’s podcast subscription feature. They can be switched on or off and are completely optional. For creators, the firm also provides video-specific data.

Since mid-2020, when Spotify purchased the Joe Rogan podcast, which had long been available in video format on YouTube, it has been progressively rolling out support for video podcasts. Since then, Spotify has gradually increased the number of podcasters who can use the service to upload their episodes as videos. The functionality is now available to all artists in supported markets.

“Visual interactions allow listeners to learn even more about their favorite podcast hosts and artists to engage with their audiences.” in a much more profound way However, if you want a pure audio experience, that’s fine as well – video on Spotify plays in the background for all listeners, so you can immerse yourself in the material anytime you choose, or simply sit back and listen,” the firm said in a press release.

Spotify encountered competition in unexpected places.

Spotify competes with YouTube. Photo credit: Reuters

The feature is a direct challenge to YouTube, which has quietly grown into a major market for video podcasts over the years. According to Spotify’s press release, video allows users to “engage more intimately with the material.” As a result, Twitch gained traction in content consumption, moving out of the “background” and into competition to a lesser extent.

“It can undoubtedly be used as a powerful marketing tool.” Would Elon Musk’s participation on Joe Rogan’s podcast have gotten as much attention if it wasn’t accompanied by now-iconic visuals of the Tesla CEO smoking a joint in the air?” The Verge wondered.

“Interactive capabilities: Our interactive podcast elements, such as polls and questions and answers, will be available for video podcasts so that creators can connect and collect comments directly from your audience,” Spotify said in a statement.

Anchor can be used to mass replace current audio episodes with video versions for podcasts that previously offered video versions that weren’t available on Spotify, according to the streaming service. Spotify has also announced a partnership with Riverside, a podcast and video recording service that aims to improve the quality of content shot remotely.

“With this latest addition, we’re ensuring that Video Podcasting remains a fantastic experience.” For creators, this means being able to reach new global audiences, reclaim control over how they monetise their work, and communicate with fans in new ways. On Spotify, video podcasts have a big potential, and we’re excited to see what creators come up with.”

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