How to search for the first post of a user on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp and Telegram

There are so many publications on social media that it can be difficult to find a user’s first post on one or more of them, from Instagram to Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Telegram.

This’social archeology’ exercise can help a user recall what they posted for the first time on each of their networks, as well as know what someone they follow or aspire to follow posted for the first time.

The method for accessing a user’s first social media post varies, and there are occasionally multiple options depending on whether the platform is being accessed from a desktop or a mobile phone, as well as the user’s preference when using a third-party program.

There are two versions of Instagram: the desktop version and the smartphone version. If you have the social network open in your computer browser, all you have to do is’scroll’ down until you locate the first publication, then open and save it by clicking the button to the right of the ‘Like,’ the opportunity to write a remark, and the option to share the post.

The user will be able to access the publication in question from their profile’s ‘Saved’ area. If’scroll’ isn’t an option, there’s a Google Chrome extension called SocialScroll that initiates an automatic’scroll’ that progresses until it reaches the end of a user’s ‘feed.’

The’scroll’ option may be more bothersome for individuals who use Instagram on their phone because it takes longer on a mobile device. In this situation, you can use a program like FindFirstPost to locate a profile’s first, second, and third posts, as well as the articles with the most ‘likes.’


Due to the potential for a bigger number of publications than Instagram, finding a user’s first tweet can be an even more time-consuming and difficult operation.

To identify an account’s first tweet, simply utilize the advanced Twitter search engine in its desktop version, which can be accessed by pressing the three horizontal points to the right of the search bar (once the results of the search made are displayed).

Once there, type the profile’s name in the ‘Accounts’ area, followed by the at symbol. As a result, the ‘Dates’ component of the search is time-limited. It is useful to know when a certain account joined Twitter ahead of time, as this information is available on the main page of any profile, along with the location directly below your biography.

After that, click the search box and then the ‘Most recent’ area to’scroll’ down and find the account’s first tweet from the time it was created on the social network.


To find a Facebook user’s first post, go to the ‘Settings and privacy’ section, which displays when you click the downward arrow at the top right of the screen.

After that, you must go to ‘Activity log,’ then ‘Your publications,’ and finally, create a date filter to go through the various months and years until you find the initial social media post.


Despite not being a traditional social network, the WhatsApp instant messaging network is one of the most widely used applications, with millions of people around the world using it on a regular basis. Some of them are unsure how to get to the first message in a chat without scrolling. There are three possibilities.

On the one hand, utilize an automatic scrolling ‘app’ such as Easy Scroll, which is accessible on both the Google Play and Apple App Stores. It works in a similar way to the one mentioned above, and all the user has to do is sit down and wait.

Another option is to use the WhatsApp search field to enter in a portion of the first message or messages in a conversation. These first words, however, are not remembered by all of its users.

The final method is more of a preventative step, since it involves clicking on the initial message of a conversation and selecting the option that displays next to a star. The user will be able to access the highlighted messages from the ‘Settings’ area from then on.


The procedure of searching for a message in Telegram, another of the world’s most popular instant messaging ‘apps,’ is even simpler than in WhatsApp.

To do so, simply enter the profile of the person whose conversation you want to search and pick the ‘Search’ option under the magnifying glass symbol. Following that, you have the option of searching by specific words (if you recall them from the initial message) or by days, which you can do by clicking on the calendar icon in the bottom left. In addition, the images that were sent in the conversation for each of the days will be exhibited here.

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