An ‘online’ library where you can find stories that reflect how diverse the world is

The world is different but that diversity is not always reflected in the books that children and adolescents read, a gap that Google seeks to shorten with the initiative ‘Kids Read the World’ (Children read the world).

‘Kids Read The World’ is a space where you can find stories and children’s books classified by languages, age and categories such as disability, race, ethnic origin, religions, LGTBI+ collective, neurodiversity and feminism among other.

This library does not offer downloads, but a guide to locating titles that collect diversity, from a selection made following user recommendations, for readers from 0 to 16 years old.

in her too There is a selection of books in Spanish including ‘My first Small & Large’, by María Isabel Sánchez Vergara (0-3 years old), ‘What color do you see’, by Laia Membrive (5-7 years old), ‘The club of the rare ‘, by Jordi Sierra i Fabra (7-11 years old), ‘The curious incident of the dog at midnight’, by Mark Haddon (11-14 years old) or ‘Wonder – August’s lesson’, by RJ Palacio (14- 16 years old), to name a few.

This initiative was born from the compilation work of two Google employees in the United Kingdom, Cindy Yip and Alice Himsworth, who realized that in the bookstores they frequented it was not easy to find children’s books where their daughters and sons saw themselves represented.

It also responds to a need, because in the last five years, Google searches related to ‘diversity stories’ in Spain have grown by 70 percent and ‘feminist stories’ have grown by 274 percent, according to the data shared by the company. Also searches on functional diversity have grown by 43 percent in the last three years.

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